Quartz After Care

Keep your Quartz work-surfaces looking fantastic!

When it comes to maintaining your quartz surfaces it takes little effort to keep them looking and feeling great. The beauty of a quartz surface is it mainly takes care of itself. This is due to how quartz is constructed, from around 95% ground natural quartz and around 5% polymer resin making quartz surfaces highly stain and scratch resistant. Not to mention quartz zero bacteria characteristic, certifying the material as an ideal choice for a working space!

How can I keep my quartz work-surfaces looking fantastic?

We spoke with our quartz specialists on how best to keep that brand new glow for your quartz work-surfaces and here is what they had to say:

Warm water and dish soap:

‘Keep things simple, a little warm water and dish soap goes a along way and is a great way to remove day to day grub from your quartz work-surfaces that stops them from looking dull.’

A microfiber cloth and paper towels:

‘A microfiber cloth or alternatively a paper towel are great cleaning tools to really bring back that shine to your quartz work-surface. You can use pretty much any household surface cleaner, apply it straight onto the work-surface and gently massage the product in letting the cloth or towel do the work until that shine begins to reappear!’

Glass cleaner:

‘After cleaning your quartz work-surface simply finish by using a little bit of glass cleaner and a paper towel to get a a smear free shiny finish.’

CIF it!:

‘For any tough grub and muck simply apply a small amount of CIF original cream cleaner to a cloth and gently massage the area until the muck lifts then simply finish with a little work-surface cleaner and a wipe.’